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New York Yankees: 10 Most Memorable Opening Day Moments

Kathy Willens, AP
Kathy Willens, AP

The New York Yankees are ready for the 2016 season, and their 113th season as an organization. Today, the quest for their 28th World Championship begins.

By Christian Kouroupakis

Ah, Opening Day.

There’s a sense of renewal in the air as teams embark on a new season, destined to make a run for the commissioner’s trophy.

Some teams are in better position than others, yet all 30 teams feel like they have a legitimate shot to win the World Series.

For the New York Yankees, the prize is expected. Every Opening Day since their creation as a franchise has been considered the start of an unforgettable journey that ends with them on top.

Over the years, we have experienced some of the greatest moments not only in Opening Day history, but in Yankee history in general.

In honor of a brand spanking new season, let’s take a look back at the greatest moments in Yankees’ Opening Day history.

One thing to note: for this list, I compiled the best moments from both Opening Day and home openers.