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2016 NBA Free Agency: 10 Under-The-Radar Players The New York Knicks Should Target

7. D.J. Augustin (PG-DEN)

  • Unrestricted
  • 2015-16 Stats: 7.6 points, 3.2 assists, .425/.422/.810

Much like Lee, D.J. Augustin benefited from a change of scenery this season. Augustin is one of the best backups in the league and he would be a great veteran stop gap for the Knicks.

Augustin was struggling with his shot in 34 games with the Oklahoma City Thunder, leading to a trade to the Denver Nuggets this season.

His numbers have skyrocketed ever since.

In 23 games with Denver he’s averaging 24.8 minutes (15.3 in OKC), 12.7 points (4.3), 5.2 assists (1.9), and 1.8 three-pointers made (0.7) on a slash line of .453/.441/.829 (.380/.393/.765).

Augustin has always been at his best in the pick and roll (which his numbers clearly show) as he’s only a 40 percent career shooter.

Augustin is fourth among all point guards in true shooting percentage (shooting percentage accounted for free throws and three-pointers), but his size is a killer.

Augustin, 28, is listed at 6-foot but that number is not fooling anyone. His defense prevents him from becoming a starter and he certainly wouldn’t be the point guard of the future.

Having said that, Phil Jackson and the Knicks could do a lot worse.