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2016 NBA Free Agency: 10 Under-The-Radar Players The New York Knicks Should Target

10. Joakim Noah (C-CHI)

  • Unrestricted
  • 2015-16 Stats: 4.3 points, 8.8 rebounds, .383/.000/.489

It’s strange to think that Joakim Noah could fly under the radar after all that he’s accomplished.

He’s been Defensive Player of the Year (’14), All-NBA First Team (’14), 2x All-Defensive First Team (’13, ’14), and a 2x All-Star (’13, ’14). Still, have you heard anyone talk about him?

Well there’s a reason.

Notice how all of his accolades stem from two years ago? Look closely and you’ll see the incredible drop off in his game.

The last two seasons have been a nightmare for Noah health wise. Noah was the leader of an elite defense coached by an elite defensive coach until this season, when that was all taken away from him.

New offensive-minded head coach Fred Hoiberg moved Noah to the bench in favor of Nikola Mirotic (all the good that did) and it led to the worst season of his career.

In 29 games, Noah scored just 4.3 points and grabbed 8.8 rebounds while shooting a putrid 38.3 percent from the field before being ruled out for the season due to a shoulder injury that required surgery.

You might be saying, ‘Why the hell would Phil want this guy?’

Well here’s the thing, Noah isn’t one of the best passing big men in the game, he’s the best.

Even during last year’s disaster, he still led centers in assists (4.7). Noah, 31, can guard any position, and has remained a top-notch defender despite his supreme offensive drop-off; as evidenced by the fact that he held his opponent to a lower field goal percentage than normal, in ’13-’14, ’14-’15, and ’15-’16 (via NBA stats).