New York Rangers Prank Eric Staal During Morning Skate (Video)

Those tricky, extremely snarky New York Rangers decided to prank Eric Staal in effort to loosen him up during his Carolina homecoming.

Whenever a cornerstone-like, franchise player gets traded in-season, there’s always schedule watching thereafter.

You know the reason why.

It’s to find out how long that guy will have to wait before making his return to the franchise who just traded him away.

In Eric Staal’s case, tonight is that night as his New York Rangers are in Carolina to take on his former team, the Carolina Hurricanes.

So, what’s a team to do when that said player is a little tight in the stomach during the homecoming?

Play a prank on the guy. That’s what you do, and the Rangers knew it.


Check out the video above as the team let’s Staal lead them out onto the ice for the morning skate, but then close the door shortly behind him.

Those sneaky Blueshirts.

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