$75 million man Yoenis Cespedes can’t help but make boneheaded plays on the field, even in spring training.

By Jeremy Fialkow

Although he did it in another edition of meaningless baseball, All-Star slugger Yoenis Cespedes still managed to make a head-scratching decision (again), leaving his audience in awe.

Here’s the scenario.

The Astro’s A.J. Reed blasts a pitch off Matt Harvey into the centerfield wall at tradition field, the ball knocks off the wall and goes under the padding by the warning track.

Cespedes decided to play the role of Umpire and stayed motionless as the ball lay on the ground, figuring it must be a ground-rule double. Except, the ball wasn’t lodged in the wall, and it certainly wasn’t trapped.

I probably could have grabbed it using my mind.

Baseball isn’t rocket-science, Yo. It’s not as if he the ball was lost under the ivy shrubs at Wrigley Field (a la 2015 NLCS).

The expression on the ump’s face as he swiftly and easily dislodges the ball truly says it all.

What are you thinking, dude?”



Jeremy Fialkow was born and raised in Miami, FLA, but currently studies at the University of Maryland. When he's not studying hard, he can be found supporting his sometimes hopeless NY teams: Knicks, Mets, Jets, and Isles. Your sympathy is appreciated.