New York Mets: Ranking The Nastiest Pitches From The Starting Rotation

5. Bartolo Colon, Everything He’s Got

This guy is amazing.

At 42-years-old, Big Bartolo turned down many offers and opportunities to make more money in order to return to “his family,” the New York Mets, and exceptional talent that comes with it.

He also turned himself into a semi-competent and hilarious batter.

Yes, he’s the funniest comedian in New York, whether that’s his intention or not.

Yes, he barely tops 90 mph on any of his pitches like he once could (about a century ago).

Yes, he still get’s roughed up by the opposition from time to time.

Yet, Bart’s found a way to display the most incredible of evolutions by becoming one of the most precise pitchers in the game. He is the epitome of resilience.

Inside or outside, high or low: Colon will place the baseball wherever the catcher wants it.

He, along with the rest of the team, has unfinished business, and Big Sexy doesn’t care whether that means pitching from the start or coming out of the bullpen. Whatever gets the job done.