LeBron James is mocking the media through cryptic tweets that get everybody in a craze, then laughing in their faces about it.

LeBron James has been painted by the media as both a revered home-grown hero and a despised traitor. After 13 incredible seasons in the NBA, James has learned to deal with those types. Most recently, the King has begun tweeting out what the media has perceived to be subtle messages aimed at his teammates.

Decide for yourself:

Could this be about the recent rumors of discourse between Kyrie Irving and the Cavs?

Maybe LeBron understands that everyone would think that after Stephen A. Smith opened his fat mouth for the umpteenth time.

Apparently the weird hashtags are a reference to the Da Vinci Code, by the way.

Obviously this is supposed to be about the entire team chasing a championship. But, why wouldn’t someone want that? Makes you think.

Here’s some good old fashioned celebrity motivational nonsense that was better left unsaid. But the sentiment behind it was nice. Anyway, LeBron’s tone when asked about these tweets, should tell you that he isn’t taking this very seriously.

When the Cavs are in the Fnals, this will all be forgotten about. Part of being the best player on the best team is dealing with the drama on a slow news days, and James is used to it by now. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant did it before him.

Now it’s his turn to have his fun with the media, and Twitter is the perfect stage for him to easily win that battle.

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