Stephen Curry is arguably the best player in the NBA today. We make the case for why he’s already the best shooter in NBA history.

By David Hong

There have been many great shooters who played in the NBA over the course of it’s rich history.

Some of the names are Larry Bird, Mark Price, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Allan HoustonPeja StojakovicDirk Nowitzki, Kyle Korver, etc.

As great as these players and other great shooters were, none of them can compare to this man: Stephen Curry from the Golden state Warriors.

Before I mention Steph, I gotta mention his dad, Dell Curry, because Dell was another great shooter and back then, had the quickest release of anyone.

Not anymore, however, because his son has surpassed it, which is one of his many strengths as a shooter.

We’ve seen a lot of great shooters come and go in the NBA. They all were great 3-point and perimeter shooters in different ways. Some of them were great perimeter shooters off the dribble, and thus can create their own shots.

Some of them were great catch and shoot guys. Guys who can knock down shots off a pass from a teammate.

Some of them were great shooters by moving without the ball, trying to get open and going through screens from teammates to get them open. One guy who was great at that was Miller, as Knicks fans painfully know from back in the 90s. Allen was another players who did that exceptionally well.

Every great shooter had their own strengths which made them good at what they did.

However there is no one in NBA history who is as complete and as accurate a shooter as last season’s NBA MVP, Steph Curry.

Curry has it all. Like I mentioned before, he has the quickest release the NBA has ever seen. As a result, he doesn’t need a lot of space or time for him to launch a shot, and his quick release makes it tough to block, even with an opponent in his face.

A magician with the ball, Curry has the best handle in the NBA, and he can execute crossover dribbles like it’s nothing. With his ball-handling skills, he can easily throw up a shot off the dribble and he easily knocks it down.

Steph is also a dangerous shooter by moving without the ball. He is so quick, elusive and smart that it is hard to guard him even when he doesn’t have the ball. He can easily catch and shoot as well, as he shoots off the dribble and his quick release also makes it tough to contest.

Finally, no one can toss up half-court shots as well as Curry. He’s hit some of those during games, but also consistently during practice. It’s so amazing to watch, fans come in half an hour early before game-time, just to see Curry’s half court heaves.

Talent-wise, he has the complete package as a shooter. As great a shooter as Ray Allen and Reggie Miller were, moving without the ball, neither of them were exceptionally great off the dribble. When Ray was younger, and more athletic, he could, however not as effortlessly as Curry does. Other great shooters like Bird, Stojakovic and Nowitzki were as athletic as Curry.

Now lets look at some of Curry’s stats.

Along with averaging 30.4 points per game, he’s shooting 46 percent from three point land, already knocking down 276 threes this season. That’s only 10 short of the all-time record for most threes made in a season, held, by guess who, Steph Curry himself, when he hit 286 threes last season.

There’s no doubt Curry will shatter his own record from last season. He also set a new record by knocking down at least one three pointer in 128 straight games; a feat he accomplished Feb. 25.

In that Thursday game vs the Orlando Magic, Curry scored 51 points and was 10 for 15 from three point range.

Video game numbers.

Along with that, he also hit another half court shot right before the buzzer in that game. What’s next? Is he going to throw a full court heave?

Wouldn’t surprise me.

If he continues to play at a high level, we should all expect him to pass Allen for most three pointers made in a single career. That’s how a great a shooter Curry is, and why he can provide much more.

As an NBA fan who loves great shooting, I’ve been blessed to watch many great shooters play in the league, making the game fun.

However none can compare to the brilliance of Steph Curry because he is at another level. Not only is he the best shooter, he’s arguably the best player in the NBA after winning the NBA MVP award a year ago, along with leading the Warriors to the NBA title.

This season, he’s playing even better and so are the Warriors, who might set a new record for most wins in a season. The 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls hold the record at 72-10. The Warriors this season are currently 52-5.

So along with his unique skill set as a shooter, along with his ridiculous record breaking stats, now and possibly more to come, Steph Curry is the best shooter ever in NBA history.

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