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New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets Player Power Rankings

18. Kyle O’Quinn, Knicks

Kyle O’Quinn signing with the Knicks this past offseason was a homecoming, as the Queens native was looking forward to an expanded role beyond what he had during his time with the Orlando Magic.

Similar to Seraphin, he wasn’t able to take advantage of his opportunities. He has occasionally been a solid contributor on the defensive end, but the offensive skills Knicks’ fans heard about upon his signing have yet to be fully displayed.

According to NBA Stats, O’Quinn is in just the eighth percentile as the roll man in the pick and roll play, and in the thirty-third percentile on post-up plays. O’Quinn’s struggled down low on both ends, flailing down in the twenty-fourth percentile defensively on post-ups.

O’Quinn was brought in for his offense, and he’s only averaging 4.6 points in 11.3 minutes.

17. Wayne Ellington, Nets

Ellington is a three-point shooter, plain and simple. 46.5 percent of his field goal attempts are from downtown, so it’s never really a secret what he’s going to do. The 28-year-old shooting guard is averaging an impressive 43.8 percent on corner threes, but a much less stellar 33.9 percent on above the break threes.

On the season, Ellington is averaging 36.1 percent from downtown, a respectable percentage but not earth shattering.

16. Shane Larkin, Nets

Shane Larkin and his famously tiny hands were booted right out of Manhattan, only to be picked up by the Nets on a two-year deal. After the injury to starting point guard Jarrett Jack, the opportunity to audition for the spot opened up, but Larkin couldn’t take advantage.

Larkin’s hope for redemption — and let’s face it the opportunity to shove Phil Jackson’s words back in his smug face — hasn’t gone to plan. The point guard has an ORtg of just 98, brutal especially in comparison to his DRtg of 108. He’s averaging 6.7 points, 4.0 assists, 1.2 steals, on a slash line of .431/.357/.785. Larkin has the speed to be an effective offensive player, but he doesn’t finish well enough at the rim.