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New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets Player Power Rankings

21. Thomas Robinson, Nets

If Thomas Robinson had any semblance of an offensive game he’d be a very effective player. He’s great at guarding the pick and roll, and has good instincts on the boards, as noted by his averaging 4.2 rebounds in just 10.7 minutes.

The 24-year-old former No. 5 pick is on his fifth team in four seasons, still struggling to find his way.

20. Willie Reed, Nets

Willie Reed‘s per-36 stats are off the charts. His PER (17.8), true shooting percentage(57.4%), and ORtg (110) are all something to be proud of. However, he isn’t higher on this list because he’s a rookie who’s only played in 32 games. Keep in mind, the per-36 argument used to be thrown around in favor of Kevin Seraphin. Yikes. It can be misleading. Reed has definitely passed the eye test in his limited time though.

19. Jerian Grant, Knicks

If Grant were given the proper playing time, wait no let’s not even go there. That’s a different article. Unfortunately Grant hasn’t done enough to be higher on this list. He’s clearly a better player than Seraphin or Vujacic.