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New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets Player Power Rankings

24. Chris McCullough, Nets

Chris McCullough‘s long-awaited NBA debut came on Feb. 8, 2016. The Nets knew when they drafted him that his ACL injury would keep him out for a majority of the season, but it looks like they could be getting a steal.

He hasn’t gotten into the swing of things yet, but for the a guy who hasn’t played organized ball in over a year McCullough looks good. His minutes are obviously still restricted but once he gets more accustomed to the NBA game next season he will be a vital part of the Nets’ gameplan.

In three years, McCullough could be one of the best players in New York but he’s this low on the list right now because the rookie has only appeared in seven games. He did look good in his 12 minutes (6 pts, 3-3 fgs, 2 blks) against the Nuggets on Friday, Mar. 4, though.

23. Kevin Seraphin, Knicks

Seraphin signed a one-year deal with the Knicks because he wanted more playing time, but he’s been a terrible disappointment falling out of the rotation and appearing in just 35 games.

Seraphin is last on the Knicks in ORtg (84) and Win Shares (-0.3), and second to last in true shooting percentage (41.3%), while coming in last among qualified centers in offensive real plus-minus (-4.12).

According to NBA Stats, the Knicks have a Net Rtg of minus-11.9 in the 363 minutes Seraphin’s on the court, and a Net Rtg of minus-1.8 in the 2,686 minutes he’s off the court, meaning that in total Seraphin constitutes a minus-10.1 points per 100 possessions difference when on the floor.

22. Sasha Vujacic, Knicks

Sasha spent the 2014-15 season overseas, but Phil Jackson decided to sign him for the 2015-16 campaign due to his knowledge of the triangle from his days with Jackson’s Lakers. It hasn’t panned out.

Sasha was supposed to be a three-point shooter on a team that actually needed one, but he’s failed in a colossal way. Vujacic is shooting 28.2 percent from downtown with an effective field goal percentage of 38.3 percent. The 31-year-old from Slovenia is second to Seraphin in ORtg (89), PER (7.6), and win shares (-0.1) ; plus he’s 90th out of 95 shooting guards in offensive real plus-minus.