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New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets Player Power Rankings

27. Sergey Karasev, Nets

Let’s get the guys nobody has ever heard of out of the way first. Karasev is last because I couldn’t find a single positive thing to write about him.

26. Lou Amundson, Knicks

Lou finally cut off the man bun, but despite that difficult choice he hasn’t played since Feb. 7 and has only made 22 appearances all season.

25. Cleanthony Early, Knicks

Early showed a lot of guts battling back from being shot to earning a spot on the main team again. Like his rookie year, Early’s second season has also been marked with multiple stints in the D-league. He’s currently on the main roster, after being called up to help a team in desperate need of a spark.

He’s this low on the list for a reason though, Early has shown flashes of potential but he still has never done anything concrete enough to prove he belongs in the rotation.