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New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets Player Power Rankings

3. Robin Lopez, Knicks

When the Knicks give Lopez the ball, good things happen. He’s not a scorer like his brother but he’s still one of the best defensive big men in the league. According to NBA Savant, Lopez is holding defenders to 49.4 percent at the restricted area.

He leads the Knicks in field goal percentage (54.5%), true shooting percentage (58.2%), ORtg (114), and is second in win shares (4.3).

Lopez has been as good as advertised in the post, ranked in the 71st percentile on defense and the 73rd on offense in efficiency.

2. Brook Lopez, Nets

Brook Lopez is having another Brook Lopez season, leading his team in scoring (20.8), blocks (1.8), PER (22.0), and win shares (5.8). Lopez’s reputation as one of the best offensive centers in the league has remained intact.

He’s been his typically dominant self with his back to the basket, in the 75th percentile on post ups.

Brooklyn has a NetRtg of minus-11.4 when Lopes isn’t on the court. His important to the team is unquestioned. For some reason he actually loves being in Brooklyn, but the truth is that the Nets need to trade him too. As good as he is, Lopez is not a championship player.

1. Carmelo Anthony, Knicks

Melo’s recent behavior has left little doubt as to whether or not he will return to the Knicks next season. The guy is fed up, and doesn’t want to be there anymore. Understandable, and he’s still a great player who can get the Knicks plenty of assets in a trade. One can argue that this has been Anthony’s best all-around season in New York.

Anthony leads the Knicks in scoring (21.6), rebounding (8.0), assists (4.2), PER (20.3), and win shares (4.7). As good as Porzingis has looked, the fact remains that as Melo goes the Knicks go. His plus-7.0 Net Rtg per 100 possessions is evidence of the Knicks’ desperate need for him, as they are an unfortunate minus-0.1 points with him on the court but without him they are minus-7.1 points (per 100).

It’s unfortunate that Anthony finally learned how to be a team guy, and now some other team is going to enjoy the benefits.