New York Knicks

The Knicks looked like a legitimate NBA team, until the final two minutes when they couldn’t close what could’ve been a great road win.

Boston Celtics 105 (25-38)
New York Knicks 104 (38-25)
Full Game Box Score
TD Garden, Boston, MA

The New York Knicks had lost 15 of their last 18 games heading into tonight’s clash their long-time rivals Boston Celtics, and where the certain underdog on the road. So when Boston mustered one last rally with three minutes left to take down their division rivals, it couldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. That doesn’t mean it was heartbreaking for the Knicks.

For most of the game they looked like a legitimate NBA basketball team. They outplayed one of the best teams that the Eastern Conference has to offer on their home court and were on their way to one of the most impressive wins of the season. But in those last two minutes it was like they were a different team.

The Knicks shot 45.6 percent from the field tonight against a Celtics team that holds team to below 44 percent per game, and broke the 100 point mark for just the 27th time in 63 games. Carmelo Anthony dropped 30 points and Kristaps Porzingis had 15. So many things went well tonight, and yet it still ended with Anthony walking off the court in disgust after a chaotic final possession.

After Avery Bradley scored with 17 seconds, making it 105-104, the Knicks had no timeouts remaining. Why didn’t the Knicks have any timeouts? Because Rambis had to waste it with 36 seconds to get Porzingis in the game, as he had inexplicably out of the game since the 9:37 mark.

Since there was clearly no play, Anthony took the rock and decided to dribble down to three seconds before Jae Crowder used the Celtics’ remaining foul. Anthony then got the inbounds pass, and took a tough shot from 27-feet, no good. Ball game.

That pretty much says it all about the Knicks. When there was 17 seconds remaining and they were down 1, where was the vaunted triangle? On second thought, who cares? Carmelo Anthony has to be fed up after this one. There’s nothing more he can do. He has a stooge for a coach, and a boss who’s pulling the strings from the highest of all the high horses with some master plan that Knicks’ fans have blindly chosen to believe in.

If Anthony were smart, he would waive his no-trade in the offseason and get out.

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