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After weeks of speculation, embattled point guard Ty Lawson was waived by the Houston Rockets. The New York Knicks need to sign him. 

By Chip Murphy

After weeks of speculation the Houston Rockets waived point guard Ty Lawson after 53 incredibly disappointing games. With nothing to lose, the New York Knicks need to take a shot on the embattled point guard.

It’s true that Lawson has been through some incredible struggles recently, both on and off the court, but his talent can’t be questioned.

Phil Jackson loves to rave about how his famed triangle offense can work for any player, and Lawson is a perfect test.

He was run out of Houston because he couldn’t play with James Harden. According to, they were a net of minus-6.1 points per 100 possessions in the 687.7 minutes they shared the court.

This move could work well for Lawson too. His stock will never be lower than it is right now. There was a point where Lawson was viewed as one of the league’s best young players, and now he’s angling for a job as a backup, potentially to Jose Calderon of all people.

That could be a difficult pill to swallow. But if Lawson can succeed on a big stage in New York playing alongside another superstar like Carmelo Anthony, who is also notoriously difficult to play with it will benefit him into this summer’s free agency.

When asked about Ty Lawson today, Knicks’ head coach Kurt Rambis was predictably vague.

Really, Kurt? Management discusses more than one player, well that’s good to know. Thanks coach. What do you expect from the guy who benched Kevin Love for Ryan Gomes? But, Rambis’ incompetence is another story.

The Knicks need to pursue Ty Lawson and he needs to listen to them. Lawson didn’t work with the Rockets, but the Knicks is a better environment. That says a lot about what a nightmare the Rockets are, huh?

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