New York Mets

First expensive cars, now championship…hogs? New York Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes continues to have the best spring training ever. 

Let these words sink in: $7,000, 270 pound, grand championship hog.

That’s the latest purchase for New York Mets outfielder/baller Yoenis Cespdes. If six high priced custom rides weren’t enough of bang to begin his spring in Port St. Lucie, you can now add a grand champion hog to the list.

The Mets don’t play their first official spring training game until Wednesday, and you have to wonder what else Cespedes could get into before then. Between the cars and the high priced farm animals, you could say he has several interests. Anyone want to guess what he does next? Land a private jet on home plate? Announce he’s running for president?

For those claiming “Cespedes is going to go broke” consider this: between the cars and the hog, he’s on spent about 1/27th of his salary for just this season. That’s less than four percent of what he’ll earn this year, for those of you who struggle with math.

“La Potencia” is going to be just fine.

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