The Yoenis Cespedes car show continued on Friday, pulling into camp in a custom Jeep. You have to wonder what he’s saving for last on Saturday (video). 

Of course the Yoenis Cespedes car show continued on Friday. In fact, he has one more ride to show off on Saturday.

Cespedes met with reporters in the parking lot on Friday along side owner (and translator) of The Auto Firm’s Alex Vega, who claimed, “We’ve got a surprise for you tomorrow, too. I think tomorrow you guys are going to really go crazy.”

So I assume he’s going to land a spaceship on home plate, because who knows what else he could possibly have lined up.

Cespedes didn’t even own a car in his native Cuba, telling reporters in Spanish that he had “A bike…and I walked.”

He parked his custom Jeep next to Matt Harvey‘s Maserati. I’m not sure if I’ve ever thought less about a Maserati until now.

The expectations of Cespedes’s car collection might actually be greater than his performance for the New York Mets. Nah, no one will remember his cars if he’s batting .230 in mid August. For now, let’s enjoy a more talented, modern day Pedro Cerrano come to camp.

The legend continues.

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