New York Mets

With Spring Training under way, the New York Mets look to finish a journey they started last year; young gun Noah Syndergaard chimed in on how he feels when he takes the mound.

It was only a short time ago, when the New York Mets made their first World Series appearance in over 10 years.

Although, the end result was not as they hoped, the team proved a lot in 2015.

One of the brightest stars in their World Series run was pitcher, Noah Syndergaard.

Syndergaard, 23, had an impressive rookie season. Going 9-7, while notching an era of 3.24.

The man nicknamed “Thor” – due to his sheer 6’6 240lbs frame and legitimate physical depiction of the Marvel character – throws gas; easily being able to touch 100 MPH on a nightly basis

Syndergaard told Adam Rubin of ESPN about his mindset when he takes the mound every fifth day:

“I feel like most people think I’m kind of this quiet guy,” Syndergaard said Thursday at Mets camp. “But when I’m on the mound … I try to be as intimidating as possible. I try to use that as a weapon of mine. I feel like I’m on top of the world when I’m on the mound.”

Trust me, Noah. None of us think you’re a “quiet guy.”

Syndergaard’s first pitch, Game 3 of the World Series, showed us all we needed to know regarding his ability to never back down to an opposing hitter.

The young right-hander, threw right over the head of Kansas City Royals shortstop, Alcides Escobar; certainly stirring things up a bit between both teams.

Syndergaard ended up throwing six solid innings in that game; resulting in the team’s only World Series game victory.

Kansas City and New York open up against each other on Apr. 3 to start the regular season.

Set those DVR’s, people.

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