Seattle Seahawks’ Frank Clark Calls Out Cam Newton’s Toughness (Video)

***Warning: Video contains NSFW language

Although there have been many who’ve called out Cam Newton‘s toughness in Super Bowl 50, Frank Clark of the Seattle Seahawks had the best take.

We all knew what was heading Cam Newton’s way once he didn’t go all-out for a fumble towards the end of Super Bowl 50 that ultimately led to the Denver Broncos going up two scores on his Carolina Panthers.

Coming his way was a world of hurt and criticism, especially in this day of social media hot-takes and immediate finger pointing.

But this one is the all-timer.

Check out what Seattle Sehawks’ defensive end Frank Clark had to say about the NFL’s MVP after he saw Cam not diving for that loose ball (video above).

He also piled on with this:


Now all we have to do is wait 10 or so months before we see the two guys go at it on the field.

H/T Frank Clark Twitter

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