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New York Mets legend Dwight “Doc” Gooden had some positive words to say about the future of the Mets rotation.

By Aniello Piro

Doc Gooden told the New York Post’s Kevin Kernan he believes the New York Mets have the tools to become a dynasty supported by their young arms.

Gooden won Rookie of the Year, an NL Cy Young award, and a World Series in his first three years with the Mets. Doc spent 11 of his 16 seasons with the Amazins’.

“A staff like this comes together once in a generation,” Gooden said “These guys are crazy good… No one wants to face them.”

Gooden was the Mets ace in the 80s, and is one of the greatest pitchers in the franchise’s history.

Although Gooden is not a general manager, he provided some free advice to Mets GM Sandy Alderson.

“If I were the owner of the Mets, I would try to lock these guys up now,” Gooden said. “Buy out the arbitration years and two or three years of free agency. They are that good.”

Gooden also chimed in on how winning a World Series is not easy.

“Take it step by step, and keep the guys hungry because it’s not that easy,” Gooden said. “Everybody has to stay healthy. You have to hold each other accountable. Don’t take anything for granted.”

The Mets are poised to have the best starting rotation in the majors this year.

Once Zack Wheeler comes back healthy the Mets will virtually be sending out an ace a night.

Gooden is supporting the five, and thinks the Mets have an opportunity to have sustained greatness for years to come.

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