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New York Rangers: Which Fan Type Are You?

The Eternal Optimist 

Towards the end of December, these people were out in droves.

No matter how poorly the team plays, this fan will always look on the brighter side of life…to a fault.

These fans have no concept of how the game of hockey works, they just know that their New York Rangers are going to “be fine”.

The best part of interacting with these fans is watching them strike down anyone who dares to criticize the Rangers. For if you do, you will almost immediately be un-followed and branded a “fake Rangers fan”.

When the Rangers look horrid, these folks will almost always post or say something to the extent of “You can all give up on them, but I believe in MY Rangers”.

Yeah you go ahead and believe, the rest of us will stay grounded in reality.

I've been a die hard Rangers and Giants fan for as long as I can remember. I enjoy sharing opinions, and hearing from fans that love their teams just as much as I do. Henrik Lundqvist makes all of us look like mere mortals. E-mail me at: [email protected]