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Matt Harvey, and the rest of the Mets pitchers were being honored at the BBWAA ceremony last night, but Harvey was a no show.
By Aniello Piro

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey had an Amazin’ comeback season from Tommy John surgery, and won National League Comeback Player Of The Year in 2015.

Harvey went 13-8 in 2015, and owned an era of 2.71 while logging 189.1 innings pitched.

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With snow dropping hard in the Big Apple, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America Awards dinner ceremony was almost canceled, but despite the weather conditions, the show went on.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson and manager Terry Collins were in attendance, however, The “Dark Knight” was not, despite being in the city.

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This photo was posted the day of the dinner.

Baseball writer Michael Baron confirmed Harvey was not present at the ceremony.

One thing we have learned with Harvey is that he will do what he wants to do, and this was a perfect example of that.

Alderson then threw a few sly comments towards the Dark Knight’s disappearance from Gotham.

Obviously, Alderson took some shots at Harvey and was not pleased with his actions.

Another Harvey move that just does not sit right with the Mets organization.

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