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Although New York Mets fans have been begging their organization to sign Yoenis Cespedes, they need to understand this one important factor.

By Aniello Piro

New York Mets fans have been through a lot over the years. That’s why it seems cruel to think about what’s transpired this offseason between the franchise and Yoenis Cespedes is ridiculous.

One thing needs to be said about the Mets pursuit of Cespedes, and that is this very important factor: they do not want him back.

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Fact is fact, and it has been this way for sometime now with the Mets.

The team likes Cespedes, but not nearly enough to give him anywhere close to what he is looking for in terms of years and dollars.

We know this because they were willing to give Ben Zobrist upwards of $60 million dollars. Zobrist was a guy the team wanted, and they were willing to pay.

We saw they were willing to trade Zack Wheeler in a deal that would have included Carlos Gomez.  It was thought that the Mets young arms were untouchable, however Sandy Alderson was willing to pull the trigger on a deal involving one.

The same can not be said for Yoenis Cespedes.

Remember, Cespedes was not the Mets first choice, and it was known from the beginning that that odds of the team retaining the slugger were slim to none.

The key word to look at in all of this is willingness.  The team has shown no signs of even attempting to make a legitimate offer to the 30-year old Cuban slugger.

People will bash the Mets left and right about how the team is hesitant to spend, especially on an aging player, but that sentiment is a completely falsehood.

Flashback to the year 2013 and the big contract signing of golden boy David Wright.  The team shelled out over $130 million dollars to a then 30-year old David Wright.

How is that contract looking now?

Out of the possible 486 games Wright could have played he only managed to play in 284, and has seen a steady decline in his production on the field.

Yes, he has been hurt, but just because it is David Wright, that shouldn’t excuse his brittle nature.  Money is money, and the Mets spent it.

Cespedes is 30 and is commanding about $30 million less than what Wright signed for back in 2013.

So, the thought that the Mets are unwilling to spend is false because they spent three years ago to retain the guy they wanted.

Again, the guy they wanted.

Another misconception surrounding the Mets is that Cespedes is not the proper fit.

However, the Mets went out and signed Alejandro De Aza even though he is not a center fielder.

Michael Baron hit this right on the head.

In a press conference with the media on the 7th of January Sandy Alderson had this to say about Cespedes:

“It’s not as if we’re not looking to improve the team, and if possible, in significant ways. But it has to make some sense in terms of how these pieces all fit. And even if you go back to the trade deadline, we were trying in many ways to fit a square peg in a round hole.” Alderson said, “We had the right fit [when the Mets acquired Cespedes at the trade deadline]. If we had the right, healthy player in the right position, it might be a very different story for us. This isn’t about inching up on team improvement. This is about trying to be . . . thoughtful about it, but also realistic. Trying to improve the team in ways that we can,” via Newsday.

To sum it up, Alderson says that Cespedes is not the right fit.

He says that if they had the right player in the right position this would be a different story, however he went out and signed De Aza who is mediocre at best in center field.

The fact that the team says Cespedes is not the right fit is totally idiotic because they went out and signed a player to play a position he is not known for playing particularly well.

If the Mets decided they wanted to land Cespedes, they’ll have to do the following:

  • Give him an annual salary of around $20 million
  • Give him 5+ years
  • Be aggressive, and come to him with the offer

Based on everything we have seen this offseason the Mets have not shown any indication they are willing to do any of the three.

Reports surfaced Thursday afternoon that the Washington Nationals had offered a contract to Cespedes.

The initial thought was that the Mets would up their game and offer Cespedes a contract to prevent him from signing with Washington, or at least bump up the asking price for Washington.

That did not happen.  As a matter of fact the team’s stance has not changed at all.

So, even though their division rival is pushing the envelope on signing Cespedes, the team is unwilling to attempt to sign the slugger unless he is willing to talk short term.

This further proves that the team is only willing to sign the guys they view as fits and who make sense for their team.

Cespedes is a plus defender, with a rocket for an arm. He carried the team on his back in crunch time at the end of the regular season, and is a major reason why the Mets made the World Series.

However, he is not viewed as a fit for the Mets.

Therefore, the conclusion can be made that the Mets do not want Cespedes.

We have seen the Mets spend, make trades, and do what is necessary to get the guy they want, and it seems to be that Yoenis Cespedes is not the guy the Mets have in their plans for 2016 and beyond.

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