New York Knicks

Despite their struggles in recent times the New York Knicks rank as the most valuable franchise in the NBA.

By Aniello Piro

The New York Knicks are looking pretty solid as a squad right now, and their value is even better.

The Knicks are the NBA’s most valuable team with a net worth of $3 billion dollars, According to Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes

Last year the Knicks ranked second in the league, but bumped to the number-one spot largely due to their new TV contract.

The Knicks have been playing competitive basketball this year, and have a record of 21-22.  Not bad for a team that only won 17 games last season.

In today’s day and age a team’s value is based upon the market they play in, and with the Knicks playing in the biggest sports market in the world, they top the list by a cool $3 million dollars.

The Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, and Los Angeles Clippers round out the top five.

Teams like the Knicks, and Lakers have not been good the past few years, but have remained in the top five as far as value. Which means that big market teams still dominate the NBA in value, and revenue.

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