For one fan, he might want to ask to exchange his newly bought Anaheim Ducks Carl Hagelin jersey after finding out the player got traded.

So you’re all jazzed up?

You spent $170.00 on of your favorite player’s jersey on

It finally arrives on your doorstep, and you feel like a little child on Christmas.

Here’s the catch. That player is no longer part of your favorite hockey team.

Feel lost, despaired, angry? Hey, you’re not alone. That’s why it’s best to choose a player’s jersey wisely.

For this fan, they must have felt an empty feeling in their stomach after showing off their new Carl Hagelin jersey.

Poor guy.

Well, hopefully he is a fan of Hags and will proudly wear his hockey jersey either at a Ducks game or when he sees the speedy Swede come into town.

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