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With the off season rapidly coming to a close, the New York Mets and Yoenis Cespedes will have nothing to lose by getting a deal done.

By David Hong

Throughout the New York Mets off season there has been little hope of a Yoenis Cespedes return.

However according to Rich Mancuso of New York Sports Day, the Mets have met with Cespedes and are talking about a possible one or two year deal to retain the Cuban power hitter.

What was once an uncertain future could indeed become a reality and one that will have most Mets fans rejoicing.

The main reason for the Mets reluctance to bring back Cespedes was their refusal to give out a long multi-year contract.

Cespedes has been seeking a six-year deal after hitting 35 home runs last season, including 17 with the Mets in 230 at bats.

This production was a vital part of the Mets post season success.

As the off season drags on with less than a month to go before pitchers and catchers report, the possibility of a long term deal seems daunting.

The Atlanta Braves and a couple of other teams are still in the mix for Cespedes. The Braves have offered Cespedes a three year deal.

Cespedes’s love affair with the Mets and their fans could be enough for a reunion in Flushing.

If Cespedes accepts the one or two year deal that the Mets are offering, they will turn out to be the biggest winners. Throughout the off season the Mets have been frugal on spending.

The former National League Champions have not been spending much money or giving long term deals due to payroll restrictions.

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As a result, it seemed virtually impossible to retain a big hitter like Cespedes who has been seeking a long term deal of at least six years.

The only way the Mets could bring Cespedes back is if he accepts some sort of a pay cut. A deal of one or two years would be something that Yoenis probably would never accept, especially for the caliber player he has become.

But desperate times bring desperate measures, and Cespedes may be running out of off season. With the 2016 season looming, it seems like Cespedes may have no choice but to make a deal.

Atlanta may offer Cespedes one more year and connections could be a deciding factor. After two years he should still be performing at a high level.

Cespedes’s arrival last July immediately transformed the Mets offense from one of the worst to one of the best down the stretch.

The slugger brought power and intimidation to the team.

Even with some of his flaws, there’s no doubt that the Mets lineup is much better with Cespedes. His position in the middle of the line up gives other players some much needed protection.

Even though he’s more of a corner outfielder, Cespedes proved that he can play center field in the regular season. With Michael Conforto and Curtis Granderson entrenched in left and right field respectively, Cespedes will man center field with Juan Lagares and Alejandro DeAza backing him up.

The best bet would be for the Mets to bring back Cespedes for a two year deal.

A longer deal could affect the Mets salary cap long term. A one or two year deal won’t affect the Mets salary cap restrictions and could give them more maneuverability in terms of cap space.

There is upside to this deal that would have the Mets retaining their biggest power threat.  This could also leave the Mets with the same lineup that ended last season.

After all, the Mets lineup would definitely be stronger with Cespedes in it.

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