New York Knicks

If New York City has already embraced New York Knicks rookie sensation Kristaps Porzingis, his hometown of Liepāja must be drinking it in.

By David Hong

Apparently New York City isn’t the only place that’s proud of New York Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis.

The people of Liepaja, Latvia, which is Porzingis’s hometown, are also proud of their native NBA star.

Porzingis has exceeded most expectations through his first 39 games. He has been the biggest talk in New York and has been praised constantly by peers and coaches.

He is definitely the biggest star in his hometown of Liepāja, Latvia, as they continue watching Knicks games religiously. His hometown even posted a billboard where in English, it said “welcome to my town.”

The tweet also included the #NBAvote hashtag in order to help send Porzingis to the All-Star game. That seems like a longsho,t but Latvian fans did help send Semgus Girgensons to the NHL All-Star Game last season by stuffing the ballot box.

There’s no doubt how much of an impact Porzingis has made to the Knicks and to his hometown, so as long as he keeps improving, Latvia will sure send even more love for their NBA hero.

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