Ryan Johansen runs into an old friend…Seth Jones, the guy he was traded for, at the airport.

By William Chase

By now everyone is aware of the Wednesday blockbuster that saw the Columbus Blue Jackets sending center Ryan Johansen to the Nashville Predators for defenseman Seth Jones.

Turns out the two even ran into each other while heading to their new homes.

Ran into my good buddy jonesy at the airport last night. ?

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The ole combatants even discussed living-arrangements for the other.

Hey, that’s friendly right?

For those who may not remember, the Columbus Blue Jackets and Nashville Predators used to be bitter Central Division rivals, but since Columbus’ move to the Eastern Conference, the two teams don’t hook up as much.

Guaranteed when the two do come across the other on the ice, the friendliness will be subdued. For at least 60 minutes.

Hey, for all the ugliness and drama that can be associated with trades, it’s fun to see the humor that can be associated. At least these two are being good sports.

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William Chase is editor at Elite Sports NY, and has been featured on such prominent websites including Bleacher Report. William is also currently the Marketing & Media Relations Intern for the Augusta GreenJackets.