1. QB Tom Brady, NE

Surprise, surprise. Tom Brady ranks number one on a list of quarterbacks. Every football fan and certainly every New York sports fan knows why this guy is number one on this list.

Before he torched the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game last season, Brady did/didn’t deflate a few balls. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell then launched a witch hunt on Brady and the entire New England Patriots organization, which ultimately led to Brady getting suspended.

Brady appealed the suspension, won, and proceeded to tear apart the NFL as revenge. He led his team to 11 straight wins to start out the season and all of the sudden this team seemed reminiscent of the nearly perfect 2007 team. But then something went wrong–every other Patriot got injured.

New England lost four out of their last six games, but were still able to secure a playoff spot thanks to their 11-game win streak. Brady finished the season with a 64.4 percent completion percentage, throwing for 4,770 yards, 36 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

All that matters in Patriot Nation however, is that they’re back in the playoffs and Brady now has his shot not only at revenge, but at a second straight Super Bowl win.

Like some of the other quarterbacks in the first tier of this list, when Tom Brady lines up under center the Patriots always have a chance. With that being said, Brady has never attempted a Super Bowl run when standing behind an offensive line this beat up. He’s more vulnerable now than ever, but if you miss him he’ll beat you. He’ll beat you again, and again.

I'm a senior journalism and communications major at THE University of Connecticut, as well as a die hard Jets and Knicks fan. College football and basketball have their place in my heart, but the NFL is my pride and joy.