The 2015 NFL playoffs are on the horizon. We’ve ranked the 12 who all surely have their eyes on a Lombardi trophy. 

By Jeff Jarboe

Today’s NFL seemingly requires a team possessing an elite or franchise-type of quarterback to win a championship. Many teams have moved away from the heavy running game and moved towards a more fast paced, spread out passing attack, and so it makes sense to want a player of elite status at quarterback.

With the NFL playoff picture now officially set, it’s become clear that you might not need an elite quarterback to make the playoffs.

But winning the Super Bowl is an entirely different story. Because it’s in the playoffs where the elite quarterbacks shine, and it’s in the playoffs where a team can only go as far as their quarterback can take them.

Here are the 12 quarterbacks of the 2015-16′ NFL playoffs, ranked from worst to best: