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ESNY’s New York Yankees top 10 prospects

4. Jorge Mateo

Out of all the prospects on this list, Mateo probably had the most frustrating season.

It started when he was suspended for a violation of team rules, and everything was downhill from there.

Mateo stole less bases and was caught stealing many more times.

He stole a whopping 82 bags in 2015, while having an 82.8% success rate. In 2016, he slowed down and only stole 36 bags, while having a success rate of 70.5% and obviously, this sudden slowing down isn’t good for a prospect who has an 80 grade speed.

As his performance dropped, so did his average. In 2015, his average was .278, but in 2016 it was .254. This is particularly troubling for a prospect that was repeating High A.

The main positive from this year is that he was able to hit a career high nine home runs. Another plus is that he is working on his versatility at second base, shortstop and even center field.

It is still to be determined where he will end up, but if he works hard enough, he could be great at any one of these positions.

The future can still be bright for Mateo. He plays solid defense, can hit and is one of the fastest players in the minors. 

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