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ESNY’s New York Yankees top 10 prospects

8. Chance Adams

Some may question putting Chance Adams this high in the rankings, but he has promptly become one of the Yankees best prospects.

The numbers this young right-hander has put up in the minors is nothing short of incredible. Last season he had a whopping 147 SO, and 2.33 ERA in 127.1 innings through two levels of the minors.

While a lot of players are able to put up big numbers in the minors, Adams is a legitimate prospect. He was drafted in the fifth round out of Dallas Baptist, originally worked as a reliever, but was converted into a starter by the Yankees and they may have gotten a steal in the fifth round.

The Yankees prospect is starting to get exposure and getting the credit that he is due. For example, he was recently named a 2016 minor league baseball all-star by Baseball America.

Since being drafted, Adams biggest adjustment was velocity. He operated in the 92-94 m.p.h. range in college. Since being drafted, he has operated in the 94-96 m.p.h. range and has even topped out at 98.

The word on Adams is that he has the ceiling of a number two starter and if he is unable to make it is a starter, then he has the potential to be a terrific reliever.

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