ESNY’s New York Yankees top 10 prospects

Honorable mention: Albert Abreu

This 21-year old flamethrower was acquired in the offseason trade of Brian McCann on November 17, 2016.

Abreu’s bread and butter is his fastball, which earned an rating of 70 — just 10 points lower than the scale’s maximum rating of 80. 

It is one of the best fastballs in the Yankees system. Abreu can heave it at 93-97 m.p.h. and can max out at 99 mph while being able to mix in a solid slider, curveball and change-up. 

With a great fastball and a three other pitches to go along with them, Abreu has the potential to blow hitters away at the major league level. 

The main downside on the 21-year-old is his control.

Last season he had an insanely awful 5.1 BB/9. Similar to many other Yankee prospects and players (Michael Pineda) he has great stuff, but the numbers are unable to back it up. With some work with the Yankees staff, he can profit off of his immense potential.

Although, his numbers may haven’t been excellent last season, Abreu has the ability to put it all together and go on to have a terrific career in baseball.