ESNY’s New York Yankees top 10 prospects

2. Clint Frazier

When the Yankees dealt their lights out reliever, Andrew Miller, their main haul from the trade was Clint Frazier.

The kid is an outstanding outfielder who can play all three positions with ease and after being drafted fifth overall by the Indians out of high school, Frazier has impressed many with his electric bat speed and his raw power.

The young redhead has also connected with fans using his awesome twitter account.

On the downside, Frazier’s swing has a hole in it that makes him susceptible to strikeouts that could lead to a lower batting average. As is proven by his .228 average in Triple-A after being traded to the Yankees.

One of the main parts of Frazier’s game is his power. He has a highly graded power tool, and a sweet swing, but he is so far unable to translate it into games.

In 2016, through two levels, he hit only 16 home runs in 119 games. This is a surprising number for one who is touted so highly as a power hitting prospect.

Once Frazier taps into his untapped potential,  he has a ceiling of an all-star outfielder.