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ESNY’s New York Yankees top 10 prospects

3. Blake Rutherford

The Yankees were able to steal Rutherford with the 18th overall pick in this year’s draft.

He was rated as a top ten prospect in the draft by mlb.com, and fell due to concerns about signability. The Yankees were ultimately able to sign him to a tremendous deal.

With a record-breaking signing bonus, the 19-year-old is hyped up to do big things. Rutherford is a jack of all trades, good to great in every facet of the game and is ready to climb the ladder.

In his first cup of tea in the minors, Rutherford slashed .351/.415/.570 to introduce himself to Yankee fans in the best way possible.

One of the reasons fans should be so excited about this prospect is because he is one of the only true five tool players the Yankees have in their system, meaning he has the potential to do everything at an all-star level.

The outfielder has also made his way onto top prospect lists. As of right now, he is No. 51 on the mlb.com‘s top 100 prospects list. The slugger missed some time with injury, but is in a good position to hit the ground running next season.

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