30. Philadelphia 76ers (1-30)

It’s hard to say that the Philadelphia 76ers even belong in the NBA. Even the most die-hard of NBA fans can likely name only one or two players on their entire roster — Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel — as this team boasts almost no other talent worthy of being on an NBA team.

A huge culture change was made in Philadelphia when Jerry Colangelo was made President of Basketball Operations, taking away decision making from general manager Sam Hinkie the mastermind behind the tanking strategy.

There’s almost nothing good to say about the 76ers right now so, how bout that Ish Smith trade? Looks like they’re headed in the right direction. I’m actually not even sure if I’m being sarcastic.


29. Los Angeles Lakers (5-24)

This is a lost season for the Lakers, with the organization torn between developing their young talent and keeping their retiring former superstar on display. They must continue to tank if they want to keep their first round pick — it’s top three protected — so maybe their current style of play is the best option right now.

It’s truly amazing that the self-proclaimed defensive-minded coach Byron Scott has done such an abhorrent job with that side of the ball. The Lakers are dead last in defensive rating after finishing last season 29th in the same category. If the league’s most prestigious franchise wants to improve they will need to make a coaching change.


28. Brooklyn Nets (8-21)

If the Lakers are facing a lost season, then the Brooklyn Nets are facing multiple lost season. There is perhaps no franchise with a bleaker future than the one in Brooklyn. They face a horrific financial situation, equipped with inept management and coaching, and a lack of talent.

Despite Thaddeus Young exceeding expectations and Brook Lopez having another exceptional season, the Nets have little to be excited about this Christmas.