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Baltimore Orioles

If the Orioles are unable to resign Chris Davis, there’s plenty of reason why they could pursue Mr. Cespedes. It seems as if they have they cash; they’ve reportedly offered Davis over $150 million.

The Orioles traditionally aren’t big spenders, but it’s obvious that they have the cash to sign a marquee free agent. More importantly, they haven’t been able to replace the production of Nelson Cruz and Nick Markakis since they departed in free agency last winter. Cespedes’s presence in the middle of the lineup and in a corner outfield spot is a perfect fit.

Even if the O’s can’t lock him up long term, they could sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal, allowing him to re-enter a much weaker free agent class in a year or two. That would be similar to what they did with Nelson Cruz who enjoyed hitter friendly Camden Yards in 2014, and proceeded to cash in on a multi year offer the following winter.

While Cespedes could be in play for the O’s, they could also look into Justin Upton or Alex Gordon to fill a similar role. 

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