New York Mets

The New York Mets signed outfielder Alejandro DeAza to a one year deal, worth $4.5 million today; here’s why it makes sense. 

By David Hong

No, it’s not the big splash signing that New York Mets fans were hoping for this offseason, but it’s a good low-cost, low-risk signing for the Amazin’s.

Alejandro DeAza, may not be the game changer to a lineup like Yoenis Cespedes was for the Mets last season, but he can still be effective in different ways.

Here’s what DeAza can bring to the Mets.

He brings more depth in the outfield. He will likely platoon with Juan Lagares in center field. DeAza may not be the Gold Glover at center that Juan is, but still viable.

DeAza has also been decent hitting vs right handed pitching. He hit .261 last season but hit a respectable .274 vs righties. Lagares has struggled vs righties, so DeAza can start vs right handed pitching and Juan can come in late in games for defense.

DeAza is also less riskier play than say the likes of Denard Span who the Mets were also interested in.

Span may be much more accomplished, but he missed 61 games last season due to injuries, so his health is an issue heading into next season. Also, he would probably want at least a multi-year contract, which would provide some risk.

DeAza is just a platoon/bench player, but if Michael Conforto develops in his second season, and Lagares matures more, then the Mets should be fine in the outfield.

With the Mets starting pitching depth, they don’t necessarily need a power laden offense but just a lineup that does their respective job. If everyone one is healthy, the Mets will still have a better offense than the inept one they had last season before their midseason acquisitions.

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