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The New York Mets brought back fan favorite Bartolo Colon on a one-year $7.25 million dollar deal; I’ll tell you why this a perfect fit for both parties. 

By Aniello Piro

The New York Mets made a great move by deciding to bring back veteran pitcher Bartolo Colon for one more year. Colon, 42, is entering his 19th season in the big leagues. Even at the age of 42, Colon has shown no signs of slowing down.

In his two years with the Mets, Big Bart went 29-26 with an era just above four in each of those years. Colon owns a career era of 3.97, and is considered one of the more consistent pitchers in baseball.

It is believed that the Mets will use Bartolo at the back end of their rotation to start the season until Zack Wheeler returns. Once Wheeler returns the team will most likely shift Colon to the bullpen. He pitched out of the bullpen in the playoffs last year, and did a solid job. Appearing in seven games throughout the postseason, and owning an era of 2.08.

“Big Sexy,” as many call him, had some positive words to say about his new role with the team: “I’ve had a great experience in New York, the fans are great, being part of the postseason was great. I’ll do anything (manager Terry Collins) wants me to do this year, start or relieve. I just want to help us get back to the World Series.” Colon told the Mets Press Release.

At his age, Bartolo is better suited in the bullpen. As we all saw during the regular season Colon was sharp in his first few innings, but would flounder when he went around the lineup a second or third time. Shifting him to the bullpen will be perfect because he will only be called on for two-to-three innings max.

Colon has been known as a clubhouse favorite whose done very well as a mentor for the younger pitchers.

Mets closer Jeurys Familia was ecstatic that Colon would be back in 2016: “I rely on him for so much,” Familia said, according to the Mets Press Release. “I try to talk to him every day, whether it is in the clubhouse or during batting practice. I’m glad he’s back with us again.”

Colon is also a fan favorite. In his two years with the team Colon has provided Mets fans with some solid performances, awesome plays, and a ton of laughs.

Perhaps his most memorable play as a Met was his epic behind-the-back toss to first against the Miami Marlins.

Obviously the Mets wanted Colon back because he could pitch, but we all know deep down he is the perfect clubhouse guy for the Mets to have.

Among active pitchers, Colon ranks first in wins (218) and shutouts (13).

Colon may be a 17-year vet, but he has the heart of a 16-year-old kid. It is great to have Big Sexy back for another year!

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