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After showing him the ins and outs of the organization, The New York Mets expect Ben Zobrist to make a decision on his future soon.

By Aniello Piro

It was known that coming into the off season the Mets had two big holes to fill, and Ben Zobrist is a viable option to kill two birds with one stone.

The team viewed free agent Ben Zobrist as a guy that could fill the teams holes both in the infield, and outfield.

The team, and General manager Sandy Alderson have always thought highly of Zobrist, and attempted to trade for him at last years trade deadline. The asking price was to high at the deadline, so the team opted to wait until he hit the market to pursue the veteran.

Now with the ability to sign Zobrist with no strings attached, the Mets have tried their best to persuade Zobrist to sign in Queens.

Adam Rubin of ESPN reported that the team had brought Zobrist out to New York to give him a tour of the city, and show him all New York has to offer. After the meeting Mets assistant GM, John Ricco said the team is “very interested” in signing Zobrist.

Shortly after the meeting Krisite Ackert reported that “Industry sources” expect Zobrist to make a decision by the end of the December Winter meetings, which he will be present at.

So we should expect to hear a verdict within a couple of weeks.

Zobrist has been one of the hottest guys on the market so far this off season, and is expected to get a contract for four years at around $60 million.

The Mets have made it known that Zobrist is the teams number one target this off season, and that he is the current focus of the entire front office.

The Mets will have to be aggressive if they want to sign Zobrist, due to the fact that 8+ teams have shown interest in him as reported by Zach Blochlinger.

The biggest issue around Zobtist, as it is with every free agent connected to the Mets is the money. Lets face it, the Mets finances are atrocious for a team playing in the biggest sports market in the country.

If the Mets want to repeat their success of last year they need to break open the check book, and sign some players that will help improve their team for years to come, and it all starts with Zobrist.

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