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The Los Angeles Dodgers signed New York Mets bench coach Bob Geren, leaving a void for 2016.  Could Wally Backman be an option?

By Aniello Piro

With the departure of Bob Geren the New York Mets are in need of a new coach on the bench. Hot button issue or not, one man seems more than fit for the job.

Former Met Wally Backman is currently the manager of the Mets AAA affiliate Las Vegas 51’s in the Pacific Coast League, and has been linked to managerial positions in the past.

The organization has always valued Backman as being a influence for the future of this team.

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However, some executives have been hesitant to put him in a managerial role with no previous experience.

Now with a spot open on the Mets coaching staff, it would make complete sense for Backman to fill that void in 2016.

As of now, there are no reports that Backman is being considered for the job, but it is known the the Mets will most likely stay within the organization.

He is a person that is viewed as a manager of the future in Major League Baseball. The Mets will be in need of a new manager in two years when Terry Collins’ contract expires.

If Backman were to join the big club and learn learn the ins and outs of being a MLB manager, he will be more than ready to over the Mets.

One reason Backman would be a great addition to the Mets is that he brings a energy and passion to the game of baseball.

In the video below, he outlines his managerial style:

One thing that stood out is that Backman likes to play the game aggressively, something the Mets did not do in 2015.

He demands the most out of his players, and pushes them to play to the best of their abilities.

Last year, the Mets did not have much fire or passion on their coaching staff.  Backman would provide that and then some.

Another advantage of adding Backman to the coaching staff is that it will keep him in the Mets organization.  He is a guy that is valued as a manager of the future by numerous teams around the league.

Therefore, it would be in the best interest of the ball club to keep.

Backman has won at all different levels of the game. He’s a former World Series champion, and has been successful in AAA leading the 51’s to two straight playoff appearances.

He would be a great addition for the Mets on both ends of the spectrum.

Should he become the bench coach? Yes. Will he? That much we don’t know.

But, we do know it would be a great addition for the Mets in the quest for their first championship since 1986, a championship team that Backman was apart of.

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