New York Mets

Major League Baseball’s executive of the year, Sandy Alderson, has been diagnosed with a “treatable” form of cancer, the New York Mets disclosed on Friday.

By Aniello Piro

New York Mets COO Jeff Wilpon disclosed Friday that GM Sandy Alderson had been diagnosed with cancer and will receive chemotherapy for approximately 8-12 weeks.

In the video below, SNY gives a full breakdown on the health of Alderson:

It has been confirmed that Alderson will not be present at the December winter meetings, however will be communicating with Mets representatives via phone, as reported by Andy Martino of the the New York Daily News.

J.P. Ricciardi, Paul DePodesta and John Ricco are among the names that will be in charge during the Winter Meetings, and beyond while Alderson recovers.

All three men are trusted by Alderson and have worked under Sandy for a number of years.

Ricciardi and DePodesta are both guys who have worked along side Alderson prior to the Mets, so they are familiar with Alderson’s style.

Ricco has been with the club since 2004, and is a guy that is thought of highly by the Wilpons.

The widespread belief is that nothing will change from a baseball perspective, since all three guys have been with the club and Alderson for sometime now.

Alderson will remain as the General Manager of the Mets, but will take somewhat of a decreased role as he recovers from his cancer.

The latest players involved with the Mets hot stove are Ben ZobristGerardo Parra, and Dexter Fowler.  Based off reports Alderson’s condition should not effect the Mets by any means when it comes to signing free agents.

The organization has to stay on task despite the recent news. It is critical for them to proceed with everything as if nothing happened.  This is a team that is fresh off a World Series appearance, and is only a few pieces away from winning their first championship in nearly 30 years. The front office has to keep their eyes on the prize as Alderson recovers.

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