New York Mets

Believe it or not, Sandy Alderson and the New York Mets are considering bringing back the much maligned Jenrry Mejia.

By David Hong

New York Mets reliever Jenrry Mejia has been suspended twice for PED use. He still has 100 more games left to serve his suspension.

The Mets are clearly disappointed in Mejia’s actions and vocally let him know about that. Despite their disappointment, the Mets are willing to give their former closer another chance.

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN, the Mets are expected to tender Mejia a contract for 2016. They anticipate his return to the bullpen after his suspension passes.

The first thing that will probably come of fans’ minds is: Are you kidding me? How could a player who was suspended not once but twice for PED use, be admitted to the same team he let down?

You know what though, I think this is a nice piece to the Mets bullpen puzzle. Other than the baggage that comes with the suspensions, they really don’t have much to lose.

He will not get paid much. He didn’t play a full season in 2015. Had he done so, he would’ve made $2.595 million. For the second time this winter, he’s arbitration-eligible so he will figure to receive a contract in 2016 that’s similar to what he was paid in 2015.

Also, he will only be paid for the games he plays. He still has 100 more games to serve on his second suspension, so he will only be paid for 62 games next season. As a result, he will probably only get paid around $1 million.

That is a really good risk for a pitcher who once saved 28 games for the Mets back in 2014. Now I know that could be tainted due to the PEDs, but from a financial standpoint, it definitely won’t hurt to bring someone like Mejia back. He’s also only 26 years old who throws hard and has several off speed pitches in his arsenal.

The Mets are also looking for bullpen help. Addison Reed may or may not be back. Tyler Clippard, however, will likely not return and his September and October disappointment certainly doesn’t help his cause for another stint in Queens.

That could leave Mejia as one key option to help bridge the gap to closer Jeurys Familia. Mejia’s tenacity is also an attractive tool as he seems fearless, which could help him in pressure packed baseball when comes the heat of the pennant race.

Mejia got suspended twice. I’m sure he may completely understand his mistakes and could be a changed man. There have been athletes who’ve done worser things off the field and got second chances. Why not Mejia?

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