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While it seems like Matt Harvey is a perfect trade chip for the New York Mets, they’d be foolish to explore their options in this area.

By Aniello Piro

After a phenomenal return season which earned him the NL Comeback Player of the Year award, the world of social media has already speculated that New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey is on the trading block.

Seriously? Matt Harvey on the trading block?

This might be the most foolish thing I have ever heard.

There is no way, shape or form that The Dark Knight gets traded this off season – unless some unbelievable offer is made to the Mets.

Despite all the drama that swarmed Harvey during the season, he was nothing short of exceptional in his return season from Tommy John surgery.

The sudden spark of trade speculation is due to the fact the Mets may not be able to re-sign the right hander in three years when his contract expires, mainly due to the money he will command (partly thanks to Scott Boras).

It is a well known fact that anyone who is represented by Scott Boras almost never signs a contract prior to becoming a free agent. It seems Harvey will be no exception.

Next year the Mets have the potential to have the most dominate pitching staff in all of baseball, and Harvey is a big part of that.

The Mets biggest concern this offseason is offense, not pitching. Yes, the team could get some favorable bats in return for Harvey, but don’t necessarily need to ship off the right-hander to acquire those bats.

There are plenty of offensive options on the open market this winter that the Mets could sign without sacrificing young pitching.

In his young career, Matt is 25-18 with an era of 2.53 in 427 innings pitched. A handful of those losses are due to the failure of the Mets offense to produce runs  in early 2015.

So when everything is said and done there is one word that can describe Matt Harvey. Dominant.

Some possible trade chips for Harvey would be Xander Bogaerts or Mookie Betts from Boston both young promising Major League players.

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Think of it this way though even if the Mets were to trade for one of the two they would still be faced with the problem down the line as far as resigning the player just as they would be with Harvey.

Aside from that Matt Harvey loves the spotlight of New York. Thus his nickname The Dark Knight. Harvey has that “New York swagger” to him and owns that burning desire to dominate when he is on the mound.

Why take that away from a team searching for their first title since 1986?  Why mess with a sure thing? And why mess with one of the best pitchers in baseball?

This is why Matt Harvey will not be traded this off season.

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