Look for the Mets to trade top outfield prospect Brandon Nimmo during the offseason.

The Mets have four players who should all vie for time in the outfield next season, which could make top prospect Brandon Nimmo a valuable trade chip.

The Mets could look to upgrade at shortstop, which is the only real question mark going into next season. If they decide to acquire an outfielder, and go with a surplus like they did this season, they might prefer a proven commodity over the AAA Nimmo. He was Alderson’s first ever draft pick and has worked his way up to triple-A Las Vegas, but the Mets are ready to win now.

Nimmo can play all three outfield positions, runs well, and projects as a solid but not spectacular hitter. Pitching dominates the game today, so positional players hold great value at the moment.

Who Nimmo gets moved for or packaged with is hard to tell, but he will be one of the most valuable trade chips Alderson has if he chooses to engage in a swap.

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