Jon Niese won’t be traded and will feature in the Mets rotation next April.

This might not be a popular move, but it is what it is. The Mets may try to find a trade partner for Jon Niese this winter, but in all likelihood, he’ll be in the Mets starting rotation next season.

Niese looked sharp coming out of the bullpen this postseason, but his career might not be ready for that as his full time gig. Bartolo Colon is 42 and a free agent, so who knows if he’s going to pitch next year, and if it’s even as a starter. The Mets are going to need Niese in the rotation if Colon is not brought back or if they decide to keep a six man rotation to help monitor the innings limits of their young aces. Remember, Zack Wheeler won’t be ready until around the all star break as he continues to work his way back from Tommy John surgery.

Niese is owed 9 million dollars next season, has a lengthy injury history, and has only posted a WAR over 1.0 twice in his career. He has thrown over 190 innings just once before. However, he has posted an FIP under 4.00, four separate times in his career. Still, those aren’t very attractive credentials for a trade.

Mets fans may not look forward to Niese’s starts next year, but he’s going to play a part in the Mets rotation. 

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