Is This Kobe’s Last Hurrah?

Kobe Bryant is 37 years old, in the final year of his contract, and entering his 20th NBA season. It seems like this is it. Or is it? Can the most competitive player the league has ever seen really go out like this? With his beloved Lakers at the bottom of the barrel. It doesn’t feel right.

He deflects the question whenever he is asked about it of course. It could be because he doesn’t even know yet. A lot of it could depend on how he plays in 2015-16 and if the Lakers even want him back after his performance. He has only played 41 games combined in the past two seasons, and another year of wear and tear on his body shouldn’t give the organization and fans much hope.

He’s not going anywhere else. He has already made that clear, per Tim Daniels of Bleacher Report. He’s a Laker. For better or worse. I don’t see things getting better.

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