Elite Sports NY presents to you an in-depth preview at the upcoming NBA season with both predictions and burning questions across the board.

By Chip Murphy

The NBA regular season started last night with three games, including a doubleheader on TNT.

Game one was the debut of Fred Hoiberg in Chicago. The new scheme was apparent as more players were involved and the Bulls were faster. The Bulls were up against their most formidable rival, LeBron James. James played 36 minutes last night but had to make frequent sporadic departures due to his back injury. The Cavs played about as bad as they can play and still only lost by two, 97-95. It should be a very concerning result for Chicago. Game two saw last season’s MVP Stephen Curry score 24 points in the first quarter en route to a 40 point effort as his defending champion Golden State Warriors downed the New Orleans Pelicans at home, 111-95. Four playoff teams and two great games. There was a lot to look forward to last night, and even more for the rest of the season.

The offseason was fun and we won’t forget it for awhile. But I’ll get to that later. After wading through the trenches of training camp and the tedious preseason, the real games are here. All 30 teams have put the pieces together in hopes that they can make a move to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest questions in the upcoming 2015-16 NBA regular season. Then of course I’ll make some predictions about who’s going to win what.

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