How Good Can The Spurs Be?

The San Antonio Spurs acted completely out of character when they signed LaMarcus Aldridge. The all-knowing Gregg Popovich decided to bring an outsider into the Spurs family. He’s a great player of course. And far be it for any of us to question a move that King Pop makes.

There was concern about Aldridge adjusting to Spurs’ basketball. Anyone who has watched him play before knows how much he loves iso-ing on the elbow or on the block. The Spurs are known for their ball movement. It’s all been overblown, in my opinion Popovich is the best coach in the league. He will get LaMarcus Aldridge his touches where he needs them. Aldridge would not have signed in San Antonio unless he thought he would feel comfortable playing their brand of basketball. Pop wouldn’t have signed him unless he thought it would be a great fit. Unless he thought they would win.

And winning is what they will do. They should win 50 games, maybe even 55. Kawhi Leonard has become one of the best players in the league. Danny Green is an elite shooter, and Tim Duncan is Tim Duncan. Tony Parker is going to be able to take a lesser role, which is good for someone with his injury history.

This move changed the course of the franchise from aging dynasty to reestablished championship contender. It probably added a few more years onto Pop’s career as well. Lucky us.

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