Starting Rotation: The 2015 staff trumps a decent group from 2000.

There’s really no comparison here. The 2015 Mets feature three bonafide aces and a fourth possibly in the making. We already know the names as they get talked about all the time. They’re young, hard throwing, and don’t walk many. They are the main reason for the revival at Citi Field this season and what has carried the team through the postseason thus far.

The 2000 rotation can’t possibly compare, but they held their own en route to the National League crown. Mike Hampton and Al Leiter formed terrific 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation. Both won at least 15 games, threw over 200 innings, and posted an ERA of 3.20 or lower.

Glendon Rusch, Rick Reed, and Bobby Jones rounded out the rotation. All had an ERA over 4.00, but provided valuable innings for an offense that provided ample run support. Interestingly enough, Jones, the team’s fifth starter, (who had an ERA over 5.00), pitched one of the greatest games in Mets history. He one hit the Giants to clinch the NLDS. Ahh, the memories.

Obviously, there’s not much to compare here, though:

Okay, the 2000 Mets rotation did a heck of a job, helping to get the team deep into October. However, they aren’t half as good as the current group.

Now that it’s time to step away from memory lane, which team do you think would win in a 7 game series? My money is on the bunch taking the field on Tuesday.

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